Free Education

It’s a given in most countries that access to primary and secondary education is compulsory and be free of charge. However, not all countries have access to free tertiary education, and is highly competitive to get into the ones that are. It is a shame that students with richer backgrounds simply travel to countries where University education can be accessed via payment entry, while students who would have made productive better employees are trapped into a circle of poverty.

I strongly believe that giving everyone an equal opportunity in this world would lead to the gap between the rich and the poor marginalising. Even though governments around the world will not act to give everyone who deserve a chance a fair go, there are plenty of methods to reach the same goal.

The Internet is a powerful tool that perhaps you do not quite realise its impact. Today there are quite a few universities that offer free courses under the name opencourseware. Look at the video below to see what is offered. Stanford, MIT, Yale and some of the other top Universities in the world offer these courses and not to mention the top quality lecturers. There are other websites such as codecademy, khanacademy, youtube etc. that will provide you with the answers that you may be looking for.

In France (or so I believe it is) it is a basic human right to be able to access broadband of atleast 1Mbps. Taking my home country (Sri Lanka) as an example we are beginning to see that internet access is cheap and being readily available for even disadvantaged communities.

I personally have learnt much of my material for my PhD through these free videos. When I watch some of these videos I think to myself, why did I bother to go to lectures when there were these wonderful teachers who knew HOW TO TEACH. It’s a shame to think that a lot of the lecturers I have met who were simply good researchers yet terrible teachers.

In concluding, humanity is built on the knowledge of others. So contribute your knowledge, pass on what you have.

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